Digital Signage in a nutshell

Digital Signage is a powerful and innovative communication tool for managing and delivering personalized content to a network of screens.
This solution allows the customization of each on-screen zone, the display duration of each of its elements, and the conditional display, according to external events.

Our distinct offer in Digital signage

Besides the static content: video, image, audio, PDF, Word, scrolling Text, HTML, HTML 5,…our solutions provide a high integration capacity with external data sources such as SQL-type databases, Microsoft Exchange, Web servers, ERP, queue management software, RSS feeds, XML Service, JSON and .NET applications.
Our solutions allow the extraction, formatting and display of data from these sources in curves, charts and personalized statistic tables.

The Digital Signage solutions cater to the different needs of the enterprise:
At sale points:
Promoting a product and/ or a service
Advertising promotions or special campaigns
Offering practical advice to customers
Displaying information about your opening/ closing hours

Within the enterprise:
Mobilizing your staff
Recalling the rules in force (security, closing days, planning…)
Delivering internal messages to your colleagues
Making your visitors’ waiting time enjoyable

In the waiting rooms:
Reducing the visitors’ perceived wait times significantly
Offering practical advice
Providing entertaining and attractive information: weather forecast, traffic, live news…

Outcomes of our solutions

The Digital Signage solutions are digital marketing tools which offer a multitude of advantages:

  • Dynamic digital marketing

  • Interactivity, attractiveness and modernity

  • Return on investment and time savings

  • Real-time event management

  • Flexibility, and remote accessibility

  • High quality image

  • Intelligent video and IP capabilities

  • Easy integration and enhanced scalability

Why choose 3S?

Thanks to an experimented human capital which is equipped with the most prestigious certifications, a powerful technical platform, and 30 years of expertise, 3S thinks ahead, innovates and excels:


An extensive know-how in IT and ICT

A large pool of dedicated IT experts, who are experienced and multidisciplinary, thus ensuring technical excellence. A technological expertise which is proven and labelled according to the international standards.

Exclusive cutting-edge technology solutions

We offer end-to-end, scalable and innovative services and solutions to assist you throughout the lifecycle of your digital transformation.

Customer satisfaction at the heart of our priorities

Our capacity to carry out successful complex and innovative projects, through coaching, listening and adjusting to your requirements, with a customer satisfaction rate above 4.8/5.

Technological mastery and assistance

A proven track record of successful projects,
thus ensuring a rapid return on investment.
A technical assistance based upon an incident resolution process.

Strategic partnerships

Drawing from its reputable strategic partnerships, 3S avails itself of the most prestigious certifications, testifying to its technical and professional competence.


R&D and an ongoing improvement process

Thanks to its solid financial base, 3S is fulfilling its ambitions and promoting its R&D in order to generate value.

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