Mobility solutions in a nutshell

Thanks to our know-how, backed with high-level certifications and reputable partnerships, 3S offers mobility solutions for companies as well as service providers (mobile operators)

Our distinct mobility offer for the company

Our specialists put forward mobility solutions which are simplified and flexible, thus allowing to protect your data and applications thanks to an adjusted security level and ultimately resulting in a personalized and enjoyable customer experience.
The company provides three types of mobility solutions:

A BYOD solution: secures network-connected mobile devices using on-premises or cloud-managed WLAN technologies, and offers policy management solutions that interface with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software and security solutions.

A mobile collaboration solution: expands unified meeting and communication applications to mobile devices, and provides users with functionality and a laptop-like experience.

Workstation Virtualization Solution: distributes Windows applications securely to any mobile device, via the Data Center.

Our distinct Mobility offer for Service Providers

Evolved Packet Core (EPC) is a solution which complies with the operators’ requirements and is deployable on local mobile operators’ infrastructures, or via virtualization of network functions, thus rapidly scaling capacity, while adjusting to new models of deployment. It is specifically designed to optimize the deployment of voice and data services for mobile operators who are migrating their networks to the 4G LTE technology.

The EPC-based solution is equipped with a full suite of wireless functions, using the SGW, PGW and MME standards. Mobile operators may thus save costs while enjoying flexibility to manage the ever-growing mobile data traffic.

Outcomes of our solutions

We operate successful complex and innovative projects by means of mobility solutions in order to:

  • Increase productivity

  • Enhance efficiency

  • Improve customer service

  • Save money

  • Improve collaboration

  • Improve employee satisfaction

Why choose 3S?

Thanks to an experimented human capital which is equipped with the most prestigious certifications, a powerful technical platform, and 30 years of expertise, 3S thinks ahead, innovates and excels:


An extensive know-how in IT and ICT

A large pool of dedicated IT experts, who are experienced and multidisciplinary, thus ensuring technical excellence. A technological expertise which is proven and labelled according to the international standards.

Exclusive cutting-edge technology solutions

We offer end-to-end, scalable and innovative services and solutions to assist you throughout the lifecycle of your digital transformation.

Customer satisfaction at the heart of our priorities

Our capacity to carry out successful complex and innovative projects, through coaching, listening and adjusting to your requirements, with a customer satisfaction rate above 4.8/5.

Technological mastery and assistance

A proven track record of successful projects,
thus ensuring a rapid return on investment.
A technical assistance based upon an incident resolution process.

Strategic partnerships

Drawing from its reputable strategic partnerships, 3S avails itself of the most prestigious certifications, testifying to its technical and professional competence.


R&D and an ongoing improvement process

Thanks to its solid financial base, 3S is fulfilling its ambitions and promoting its R&D in order to generate value.

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